April 26, 2017

RPAL provides Richmond youth with a wide variety of crime prevention services while exposing them to life beyond Richmond. Approximately 3000 youth benefit annually from our program by participating in recreational, educational, social and even, spiritual activities. RPAL staff, police officers and other volunteers mentor these kids daily. The dedication and efforts of our volunteer staff are priceless.

RPAL members participate daily in tutoring, computer science and bicycle repair activities. They produce and perform songs in our recording studio and play pool, ping pong and foosball in our game rooms. They even watch television, play video games and eat snacks while socializing with other PAL members. Members take part in sports programs like basketball, soccer, track, golf, fishing, baseball, and football. RPAL keeps Richmond youth involved in meaningful and constructive activities free of criminal contact.

As a Police Officer charged with the responsibility of managing the Richmond Police Activities League, I often evaluate our mission to ask myself if we’re truly making a difference in the lives of our members and what impact we’re making on juvenile crime. Our 2006 statistics showed that 99% of our membership was crime free, 76% of our kids graduate from high school and 100% of our youth attend school, get good grades and have little or no attendance problems. These numbers are outstanding for an after-school program.

In spite of these amazing statistics, the true test for me is when I read a book with RPAL members and witness firsthand their improved reading skills. Or better yet, the looks on their face when they are exposed to attractions like the Lawrence Hall of Science, or taken on a ferry boat ride to San Francisco or a visit to Fresno State University is priceless. The measurement of our success is found daily at our PAL.  CONTACT US